Medication Aide Reactivation

If you are an individual who has let their placement on the Nebraska Medication Aide Registry lapse or become inactive and you want to return to a medication aide position, Clarkson College Professional Development offers the ability to complete the required Medication Aide Competency Assessment.

The Medication Aide Competency Assessment is not the Nebraska Medication Aide Written Examination. See the Nebraska DHHS website for information regarding how to register for the Medication Aide Written Examination.

Any questions about reactivation from lapsed to active status or eligibility for competency assessment should be directed to the Nebraska Medication Aide Registry at 402.471.4364.

Competency Assessment Requirements

  • Candidates must have been previously on the Nebraska Medication Aide Registry or
  • Candidates must provide proof in writing from the Nebraska Department of Health and Humans Services of their eligibility to complete the competency assessment.

Competency Assessment Length

The Medication Aide Competency Assessment is provided during an individualized one hour session.

Examination Study Materials

A Medication Aide Competency Skills Review Guide is provided at the time of registration.

Do you feel you might need additional assistance in practicing your skills and preparing for the Medication Aide Skills Competency Assessment? View the Skills Review session information.


$50 payable by cash, money order, or credit card (VISA, MC, Discover) at time of registration.

Medication Aide Competency Assessment Procedures

Medication Aide Competency Assessments are designed to validate that an individual understands the regulations set forth by state of Nebraska and can safely and accurately perform the skills required to function as a medication aide.

The Competency Assessment is comprised of 2 components; both which must be completed at the same time, and both must be passed in order to pass the Medication Aide Competency Assessment. The first component is a written examination related to the 14 competencies identified in NE Statute Title 172 NAC 96, Section 005. A score of 70% is required to pass.

The second component is a skills demonstration of 10 (ten) skills related to medication administration. When demonstrating a skill, candidates must perform 70% of that skills’ steps accurately and 100% of the critical steps in order to pass the skill. These steps add up in points for each skill. Candidates must pass every skill to pass the Competency Assessment. Candidates may not ask questions of the tester, and the tester may not provide assistance with the skills.

Skill steps may have changed or been added since the last time a candidate has performed medication aide tasks. It is the candidate’s responsibility to study, practice and understand the skill steps as they are currently required. A Medication Aide Skills Assessment Review Guide is provided at the time of registration.


All competency assessment sessions are held at Clarkson College, located on 42nd and Douglas Streets in Omaha, Neb.

Cancellation Policy & Refund Information

Registration fee is non-refundable. Refunds are not provided if a candidate cancels, does not show, is unable to complete or fails the competency assessment.

Third Party Payments

Students receiving aid from a third party source (i.e. Workforce Development, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.) are responsible for all fees if payment is not made by the third party for whatever reason.

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